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How To Communicate With Your Team Effectively Even If You Are Rarely In The Same Physical Space

Advanced Coaching Practicum

Advanced Coaching Practicum (ACP) is a community of practice for coaches wanting to significantly advance their coaching skills and ability to create breakthroughs for their clients. 

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Digital Transformation is Human Transformation

Let us show you how to leverage your organizational transformation using neuroscience of leadership and change with the ancient arts of breath work, compassion training, and movement

What Makes Us Different

Our Executive Coaching and Leadership Development programs help organizations create environments where people consistently challenge themselves to higher levels of personal excellence.


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Our Clients

Our portfolio consists of Fortune 500 companies and Business Week’s “Fastest Growing Companies.” We help leaders across a diverse set of industries including
Banking and Finance, High-Tech, Luxury Manufacturing and Pharmaceutical.

What Clients Are Saying 

“Integral has made a significant bottom-line impact in our business and in our leaders’ lives. They are more aware, more able to manage stress, and more able to create trusted advisor relationships with our clients. I highly recommend Integral as a strong partner to create value from day one.”

Pascal Henssen

Chief Operating Officer, Genpact Europe

“We were amazed at how Integral’s team of senior consultants were able to help us learn how to be more effective change agents. With their insights from neuroscience, somatics, and linguistics our team is managing a complex business transformation with greater alignment and clarity of purpose. They facilitate the conversations we never think we have time to have.”

Carol Lowe

Chief Financial Officer, FLIR

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What Does Your Company Need?

From our Executive and Team Coaching to our award-winning custom Leadership Development programs and our brand new feedback technology, Backfeed+, Integral supports global organizations inspire, encourage and make their leaders more mindful and resilient.



This breakthrough online platform helps organizations create a “culture of feedback” and teaches leaders how to provide more impactful and timely feedback as well as offering teams a safe space to request and provide feedback.


We provide certified coaches from corporate backgrounds with their own mindfulness practices that will ensure your leaders become aware, effective and resilient.


This breakthrough approach to language allows teams to achieve more in less time, enjoy their time together, and build the essential muscles of collaboration and innovation for the sake of a common goal.


Whether it’s a sales event or an important client meeting, Integral creates highly interactive and engaging events that allow organizations to practice collaboration, be creative, and foster a climate for innovation.


Graphic Facilitation (or scribing) visually documents concepts and highlights connections as well as patterns that emerge during a conversation.


The Leadership Tune-Up is a six-month learning journey created for mid to senior level leaders, specifically those that need to accomplish significant organizational goals and manage multiple teams and complexity.

Integral Approach

We incorporate latest research in linguistics, neuroscience, psychology, and physiology.

Our model focuses on a transformational approach versus a transactional approach.

Integral Coaching transcends the acquisition of skills and tools to create deep insights at intellectual, personal, and professional levels.

We help clients make a shift in their organization by teaching them sustainable mindfulness practices to observe their language, assumptions, and actions.

We develop clients’ ability to have Masterful Conversations and embody Masterful “Being” to uphold a standard for the quality of their work and lives.

The Integral Model

The Integral Model helps guide organizations to create transformation that is sustainable. Rather than focusing just on behavior or how organizational architecture, the Integral model helps us intervene using a systemic approach to create visible, sustainable transformation.


Resources from Our Integral Team

We are proud to have some of the industry’s top professionals working with Integral. Two of our senior Executive Coaches, Curtis Watkins and Craig Miller have recently published these works. Also, if you are an experienced coach looking for CCEU or ICF Coach Certification, you may wish to join our community of practice – the Advanced Coaching Program.

The Advanced Coaching Practicum

The Advanced Coaching Practicum

The Advanced Coaching Practicum - led by Certified Coaches and Managing Partner of Integral is specifically targeted at experienced coaches looking to have a deeper understanding of "ontological coaching" a transformative methodology. For more information and to sign up for classes, go to: http://bit.ly/AdvancedCoachingPracticum

The Field Guide to Emotions: A Practical Orientation to 150 Essential Emotions

The Field Guide to Emotions

Humans are emotionally ignorant not because we have to be but only because we don't make emotions a legitimate focus of learning.

You may see emotions as a problem, but if you reflect on the challenges in your life you'll find that many stem from a lack of emotional understanding of yourself or others. This can be changed.

It's Up To You: Learn Ten Powerful Leadership Practices

It's Up To You

Craig Miller has crafted a no-frills, pragmatic guide to helping you design the practices you need to become a strategic, visionary leader who can effect immediate change. All you have to do is take the first step in the process.

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Customer Referrals




Operational Efficiency


Work Quality

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