Who We Are

Meet The Tribe

We call ourselves a “tribe” because we are a committed community with common values, a community of practice and a shared language and methodology. Striving to support and uplift each other in our mindfulness, our resilience and our ability to bring value to our clients.

Over the last 14 years, we have curated an amazing group of over 250 senior coaches, consultants, facilitators, and design practitioners worldwide. Here is a representative sample of our movers and shakers.

Our Principles

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Facilitation Team

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Integral Tribe

Libby Robinson

MA Organizational Development & Transformation, Master Certified Coach

Managing Partner – Heretic-in-Residence – CXO Whisperer

Libby is the Managing Partner of Integral, a award-winning leadership and executive coaching company working with Fortune 1000 companies globally. A former Wall Street Banker, aerospace engineer and National Champion Equestrian, Libby has worked for 26 years with senior leaders globally, helping to bring more mindfulness, resilience and greater capacity to brilliant and ambitious leaders.

Integral uses a multi-disciplinary approach to foster deep personal change in leaders and to evoke “conscious leadership” cultures for their clients. Libby’s latest venture has been to launch BackFeed+, a new app that helps individuals and organizations get better, faster feedback using a method backed by the latest neuroscience data about how individuals receive feedback with less stress. You can learn more about BackFeed+ at www.backfeedapp.com.

Aleemna Wraye

Chief Tribal Officer, Engagement Manager

Aleemna's Bio

Aleemna works with leaders who are committed to influencing culture by taking on their own development. Specializing in coaching teams to build high performance organizations and enabling widely distributed ownership by all stakeholders, Aleemna works with teams all over the world in the High Tech, Petro-Chemical, Manufacturing & Construction sectors. As a proud mother of 4 grown daughters and a budding gardener (budding, get it?) Aleemna brings a grounded and heartful presence to her work.

“Real development, true and lasting change for individuals and teams, IS possible by aligning on a shared purpose, building high-integrity structures and enabling people to capitalize on their strengths.” Aleemna Wraye

Curtis Watkins

Team & Leadership Development Consultant

Curtis's Bio

Curtis is passionate about having people live the lives that they want to live. Having worked with hundreds of people within corporations and in the public sector he has seen first-hand the quiet desperation that pervades so many people’s lives.


In his career over, the last 30 years, he has worked with Fortune 500 companies, law firms, energy companies, government agencies, unions, teachers, students, and parents. The common theme running through almost all of his work with groups and individuals is a longing for greater self-connection, self-understanding, a deep desire for meaningful and purposeful work, and for a greater sense of fulfilment in life. This, to him, is one of the great tragedies of the post-modern world, and is why he does the work he does.


His vision is for people to be living lives that are meaningful, creative, and fulfilling, and that includes his own. In his individual and team coaching and his Organizational Development work he engages his clients on a very personal and professional level. He is known as someone who asks the hard questions in a way that has people hear and respond to them.

Charles Feltman

Leadership Development Coach                   

Charles' Bio

Working in 1980s Silicon Valley Charles got to experience successful leadership first hand. He also had opportunities to do his own learning and growing as a leader. For the past 25 years he has drawn on those experiences to coach leaders who understand continually developing themselves is as critical to their own success as it is to the companies the lead. Today Charles’ coaching is informed by neuroscience research, leadership development theory, meditation practice, and an appreciation for the challenges and joys of leading. Charles is author of The Thin Book of Trust: An Essential Primer for Building Trust at Work.

Craig Miller

CXO Team Performance Coaching      

Craig's Bio

Craig is an executive coach with a vast array of experience spanning 22 years in leading teams for advertising and marketing companies. As an American who has lived in Spain for over 30 years, he brings a deeper understanding of what it means to live and work outside of one’s home country. Craig focuses on helping teams and senior leaders develop new practices, which are directly relevant and aligned with the results they promise to produce. Craig has authored the book It’s Up to You: Learn Ten Powerful Leadership Practices in which he recognizes leadership as a performance art.

Mish Middelman

Executive Coach

Mish's Bio

Former hi-tech CEO turned leadership and team coach, Mish inspires entrepreneurship, engagement and team work in complex and fast-changing environments. Deep training and extensive experience in both individual and systemic team coaching combine with Harvard Business School education to help leaders transform the ecosystems of their businesses, have the tough conversations in a constructive way and hold the long arc of visionary leadership. Based in Johannesburg, South Africa, Mish coaches and trains coaches in Africa, Asia, Europe and North America – when he isn’t tending his organic vegetables or out running.

Melanie Parish,

MCC – Coaching Practice Lead, Canada

Melanie's Bio

Specializing in coaching CXOs, empire builders, and disruptors, Melanie has been coaching since 1999 and focuses on organizations and leaders who work in innovation and tech. Melanie often helps clients dig deeper into their value streams and their business processes for exceptional improvement. Melanie has deep experience coaching in finance, e-commerce, product development, IT, software development, start-ups, sales, marketing, and leadership development. She uses an organizational systems approach to remove bottlenecks and constraints to optimize flow. Tough love and a little laughter describes her coaching style. When she isn’t coaching and working with teams, Melanie travels between Ontario, Canada and New Mexico and helps manage her family’s organic farms.

Roger Burton

Philosopher and Fool in Residence

Roger's Bio

Mr. Burton currently works with educators, activists and students with some focus on the California educational community and some focus internationally on questions of STEM education. This work includes individual coaching, process design and facilitation, culture change, strategic capacity and reflection, etc. Over the past decade Mr. Burton’s primary focus has been educational systems, inter-generational dialogue, capacity building for faculty and educational transformation. Mr. Burton was a lead in a multi-year research and practice initiative funded by the National Science Foundation with a particular focus on the transformation of STEM education and culture. This work was trans-disciplinary in nature which means that a good deal of it was community organization beyond the boundaries of the educational system. During this time Mr. Burton has also been lightly engaged with various industry clients particularly in the areas of professional/personal development and conflict resolution.

For the past 30 years Mr. Burton has been working as a systems change consultant and change catalyst with many of the worlds largest corporations and organizations. Before starting his own practice in 2000 Mr. Burton was a Partner with CSC/Index. His work has included the CEO executive suite and the shop floor across a wide variety of industries and endeavors. Mr. Burton has worked or lived in over 45 countries to date.

Geert Hofman

Senior Consultant , Engagement Management Europe

Geert's Bio

Being fascinated by people throughout his career and also by the transformational power of conversations he has worked with countless executives, senior managers and professionals on four continents, in the four languages he speaks. Integrating insights from linguistics, somatics and neuroscience, and quantum physics he engages his clients in deep conversations, that make transformation possible. As guitar player in a bigband he knows what pulling the strings means and as a composer he is on a learning journey creating new harmonic textures in orchestral works.

Nick Hicks

Pharma-Biotech Practice Lead

Nick's Bio

Nick is passionate about the power of coaching to enhance individual awareness for corporate and personal return – his approach combines a blend of coaching techniques that support positive change amongst key individuals and groups.

Following his thesis in Alzheimer’s disease at the Institute of Psychiatry in London, Nick Hicks entered the pharmaceutical industry and has 20 years experience in sales, training and communications positions for global pharmaceutical companies and within international PR agencies. In his last senior role Nick was responsible for international communications in a global biotechnology company, a leader in multiple sclerosis research.

He received his coach certification with The Coaches Training Institute and his facilitation training from the Dept of Psychology at the University of Guildford in the UK. He is also an accredited facilitator in leading creativity processes and was personally certified by Dr Michael Kirton in the use of the Kirton Creative Style Inventory (KAI) and its applications. He has written multiple articles on coaching and has presented at international coaching conferences and Healthcare Meetings on corporate social opportunities for coaching including improving adherence to long-term therapies. He is the President of BioconneXion, the international, non-profit network for professionals in the life sciences, pharmaceutical, biomedical and biotechnology industries.

Though grateful for his scientific training and the discipline and structured approach it gave him, Nick realized moved into the commercial world. First selling pharmaceuticals to doctors before moving into sales training and then into healthcare public relations within the agency environment for nine years where he managed six figure accounts for many of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies. These positions gave him considerable experience of working with senior management and the challenging and sometimes unique situations that they encounter. His PR experience, a discipline historically hard to show conventional ROI, and where management of expectation is vital, has become invaluable to his understanding of measuring ROI for coaching.

Teddy Frank

Senior Facilitator, Advisory Practice Lead

Teddy's Bio

Teddy brings her integrated experience over the past three decades as a trained psychotherapist, executive coach, strategic advisor, high performance team facilitator and former corporate executive to help her clients develop integrated behavioral changes for sustainable personal and organizational performance. She has held senior executive positions including as Global Head of Cultural Transformation and Change Management for Royal Philips and as a senior advisor and practitioner in strategy and operations consulting for Fortune 500 companies. Her clients span financial (Goldman Sachs), life sciences (Pfizer, Bayer), IT consulting (Cognizant), research and education (Rand Corporation). She has been an active volunteer and board member over the past 30 years for public organizations providing services to low income women, children and youth.

Matt Sorgenfrei

MCC – Design Guru – New Products Thought Partner , Director – Oracle

Matt's Bio

Matt has over 20 years experience coaching leadership in high technology companies. Matt also has over 15 years experience working as a coach, adviser and care giver for people dealing with the impacts of neural and developmental disabilities. This broad sweep of experience gives Matt the ability to address modern leadership pressures with a sense of self care and mindfulness. Matt also is the architect of a global skills and knowledge training environment for a Fortune 100 technology company with over 50,000 annual participants.

Aboodi Shabi

PCC – Advanced Coaching Practice Core Teacher

Aboodi's Bio

Born in London of Iraqi Jewish and Lebanese Christian parents, Aboodi has a sensitive antenna for different perspectives and a deep curiosity and understanding about people and what makes them tick. He continues to bring this ‘outsider’s’ perspective to his work today, challenging the status quo to bring new perspectives and transformational thinking to his clients and students.

Aboodi has been working as a coach and trainer since the late 1990s. He has worked with executives and teams from organisations all over the world, and has also played a leading role in the coaching profession, both in the UK and internationally.

Aboodi is also on the faculty of Henley Business School where he is Lecturer in Coaching and Behavioural Change.

 Graphic Facilitation and Communications

Alfredo Carlo

Art Director

Alfredo's Bio

Alfredo is a designer of collaborative processes and a graphic facilitator. He has translated his interest in design and interaction between human beings into his profession.
In past few years his work has been focused on publishing and training communities around the world to enhance their visual practice in service of a better planet through system thinking and knowledge harvesting. Alfredo bases his work on the power of collaboration between people and uses visual thinking to help create space for meaningful conversations. .

Marcello Petruzzi

Graphic Facilitator

Marcello's Bio

Marcello is a designer, visual practitioner and production manager for collaborative processes. He focuses on helping people experience, enjoy and practice visualization as a human technology for developing, understanding and sharing concepts, and drawing as a method for inner exploration. He is trained in Visual Studies, with vast knowledge from aesthetics to new media tools, from illustration to front-end coding, and he has been working in the visual field for over 18 years. Marcello is based in Bologna, Italy, where he is co-managing the creativity and production studio.

Sunny BenBelkacem

Graphic Facilitator, Visual Practitioner

Sunny's Bio

Sunny has worked in the facilitation space for over 20 years. As a specialist in visual facilitation, Sunny listens, synthesizes, organizes and draws information real time, bringing clarity and engagement to foster collaboration. Sunny learned about co-designed, collaborative facilitation methods in the 90’s at Ernst & Young. Since then, Sunny has traveled the world, working with some of the smartest designers, facilitators, coaches, and artists to help the world of business be a better place.

Sunny speaks French fluently and her Spanish is coming along nicely. She lives in Chicago with her partner, a mad statistician, and a coterie of animals, next to the lake. Sunny is also the President of the Board of the International Forum of Visual Practitioners (IFVP.org), an organization dedicated to the field and professional development of graphic recorders, graphic facilitators, and sketchnoters.

Elena Vasumi

Graphic Facilitator

Elena's Bio

Elena is a project manager based in Bologna, Italy, where she follows a variety of projects, both locally and internationally, from the initial brief to the final delivery: illustrations, digital publications, videos and more. Her main responsibility is to act as a bridge between the client’s needs and the studio’s creativity: the coordination of different people and expertises is essential to come up with the best solution.

Finance & Admin

Molly Scialabba

Vice President of Everything Else, Calendar Ninja

Molly's Bio

Molly, official “calendar ninja” of Integral is the power behind the throne. Molly keeps these creative, sometimes wacky consultants in the right country at the right client and on the right conference call.

Based in Charlotte where she met the love of her life, she’s originally from the Northeast so she ain’t no pushover! Mom of the amazing Sophia and Syne, she keeps our network humming, mindful and resilient.

Lynne Moore

Finance Manager

Lynne's Bio

Lynne, a certified management accountant previously working for over 25 years in the family accountancy practice in the UK servicing over 150 clients.  In 2012 she made the move to the south of France in search of much needed warmth and a change of lifestyle.

She now works within Integral as the Finance manager, alongside her daughter Lauren, making up two thirds of the financial team.

She is the go to person for anything financial with responsibilities within the company spanning financial reporting, compliance to tax and payroll management.

And the fun stuff – she enjoys spending time with family and friends, loves to ski, yoga, dance, going to concerts and motorbiking –  so perhaps not your stereotypical accountant !

Lauren Smith

Finance Team

Lauren's Bio

Lauren, daughter of Lynne (Finance Manager), has worked as an accountant and finance consultant for the past 8 years. She is a proud mother of two beautiful children and lives in France where she and her husband are building a family home in their spare time – it may take a while !

Lauren works within the finance team and is responsible for invoicing, coaches and customer contracts, cost accounting and general go to person for general accounts queries.

Lauren enjoys spending time with her family, dancing, cycling and trying to train her young, unruly  dog – again it may take a while ! 

Mitch Karp

Technology Evangelist

MItch's Bio

Mitch Karp is an experienced IT professional, math junkie and all around pitcher-inner, making sure Integral’s tribe members’ technical infrastructure is running smoothly. With an extensive background in software development, implementation and account management along with degrees in Computer Science and Finance, Mitch specializes in bridging the disconnect between rigid IT department mantras and business units’ dynamic needs.

Mitch is based in Bradley Beach, NJ where he keeps a balance of being 2 parts Dad, 1 part husband, 2 parts geek and 1 part dog walker.

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