The Conversations with Masters Series


The Conversations with Masters Series is primarily centered around Coaching and Intervention Skills. We believe that this series will touch you and your coaching/consulting practice at a very deep level.



Whether you order a few of the podcasts or the entire series, you will find that each teacher that we have selected provides a jewel from which you can learn, on which you can contemplate and which you can take back with you to those you serve. This course is appropriate for seasoned coaches and consultants as well as practitioners interested in orienting themselves to the professional field of executive coaching and understanding the various disciplines, discourse and lineages that comprise the world of coaching services being offered in a corporate context. We are proud of our close affiliation with each of these master practitioners and hold a profound commitment to help disseminate their ideas, wisdom and methodology to a broad community of “change agents” standing together to help build a sustainable future and enhance the social fabric for greater peace and reconciliation. It is this shared aspiration that has moved so many of us to elect to collaborate with one another across organizational boundaries and silos of practice.

The Conversations with Masters Series Includes:

Coaching & Leading in the Emerging World with Julio Olalla
Compassionate Communication with Curtis Watkins
The Language of Ontological Coaching and the Contributions of Fernando Flores with Robert Dunham
Somatic Coaching with Richard Strozzi Heckler
Neuroscience of Leadership and Coaching with Janet Crawford
Transformational Coaching for a Complex World with Alex Trisoglio
Inner Dimensions of Listening with Leah Kedar
Systemic Intervention: The Nature of Change with Robert Hanig
Powerful Confrontation and Handling Resistance with Jennifer Cohen
Ontological Consulting A Ground Breaking Approach to Coaching and Consulting with Roger Burton
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