Systemic Intervention The Nature of Change with Robert Hanig


Producing positive change in complex living systems i.e., a human being, a team, an organization or a community, is often attempted and seldom accomplished in a coherent and effective way.



Part of why this happens can be traced to the existence of implicit, inaccessible models and paradigms (habitual patterns of thought that pass as descriptions of reality) in both the would-be change agents and the objects of the change, including how each see themselves in relation to the other.

A genuine individual and collective inquiry into questions including:

• What are you trying to change?
• Why are you trying to change it?
• How are you trying to change it?
• Who are you?

can have a considerable influence on expanding and improving the quality of thinking, acting and ultimately, what results are produced and what learning occurs. This tele-bridge class explores basic principles related to the nature and process of change in living systems and assists practitioners in discerning and reflecting on their implicit models and theories of change and related assumptions. Different elements and phases of intervening into systems will be examined. Robert Hanig is a Principal at Mobius Executive Leadership. He was formerly a Partner with Dialogos, Inc., a Vice President with Innovation Associates, Inc. and Arthur D. Little, and the Director of the Leadership Practice. At ADL, Robert directed both the companies’ public training offerings and in-house programs for clients focused on large system change. Robert’s client list includes Motorola, BP, Intel, Nike, AT&T, UNOCAL, Shell Oil, SABIC, and the World Bank. He also works extensively with Peter Senge and is a former member of the governing council of The Society for Organizational Learning. Prior to joining Innovation Associates, Mr. Hanig was President of D.M.A., Inc., an international training company working at the leading edge of human creativity and personal effectiveness. He has also held senior management positions in areas of information management and manufacturing. For a global oil company, Mr. Hanig designed and led a multi-year intervention using the tools and methodologies of organizational learning to transform a mix of refineries into a world class manufacturing system. Mr. Hanig has written various articles as well as contributed to books such as The Dance of Change co-authored by Peter Senge published by Doubleday. His article in the June, 2005 issue of Harvard Business Review describes his key contribution to First Level Leaders, a worldwide leadership development program at BP. He has lectured throughout North America, Europe, Africa, Asia, and Australia on leadership, applied creativity, communication, and personal and organizational effectiveness.

Extract from The Conversations with Masters Series.


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