Powerful Confrontation and Handling Resistance with Jennifer Cohen


One of the things (among many) that is often pointed to that distinguishes “coaching” from other disciplines is a client’s readiness to be in effective action towards a desired and specified set of results.



While this is to a certain extent accurate, there are two critical understandings, without which the coaching will prove ineffective in an abiding way. First, readiness does not equal competence. And secondly, even in the face of readiness each human being must contend with the constraining forces within them that they will have to overcome in order to develop that competence and engage with enough consistency to produce the results articulated. In this telebridge master class we will look in detail at the constraining forces that all top performers must master in order to excel. In western psychology these forces are often described as “resistance” or even “the saboteur.” And, in most spiritual traditions, even though these forces may be described differently, a student on the path towards mastery will face one, if not many, seminal moment(s) that will determine whether he or she will move to the next level of their development. However you name it, to work masterfully with clients, to effect lasting transformation in someone’s THINKING, BEING and DOING no matter how powerful or competent they are in their current domain of expertise, you will have to confront the forces within them that will, if we let them, betray the future your client is after. We will distinguish some of the many faces of resistance: fear, telling long stories, getting lost in one’s own psychology, languishing in self-reflection and not moving towards action, defiance, offering a litany of reasons (even really good ones), cynicism or resignation. We will take time to examine via case examples the many kinds of resistance that surface during the course of a coaching engagement. We will look at what this points to about where a client is in their development, and then determine how to design best practice interventions to effectively move a client to the next level of performance. Jennifer Cohen is a senior leadership trainer whose accomplishments range from coaching top managers to achieving outstanding results to being a coach’s coach. Jennifer’s fresh approach to leadership development is informed by communication theories ranging from quantum physics to philosophy and hones in the practical crucible of over 15 years of experience coaching hundreds of people. She has worked with Fortune 500 executives as well as entrepreneurs and has served as the Director of Coaching Education for Mobius since its inception in 2004.

Extract from The Conversations with Masters Series.


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