Compassionate Communication with Curtis Watkins


This teleclass will present the basics of Compassionate Communication, along with some live examples of how Compassionate Communication can support greater understanding in our lives.



Compassionate Communication allows each of us to be fully responsible for our experience in relating to others, as well as allowing others to be responsible for their experience, without judgment, blame, shame or any other life alienating forms of communication. This way of living and communicating is based on the work of Marshall Rosenburg’s Non-Violent Communication.

About Curtis Watkins:

Curtis specializes in working with senior leaders to improve executive communication skills and create better understanding between them and mid-level managers. He also has assisted individuals and firms through transitions such as shifts in responsibility as well as mergers and hostile takeovers.

Curtis is a Master Certified Coach (ICF) and by the Strozzi Institute as a Master Somatic Coach and holds a certification as a domestic violence counselor and volunteers in a maximum-security prison developing programs to address anger as well as re-entry into society.


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