Mindful Leadership is a Performance Art

An organization’s shift begins with mindful leadership. By leveraging advances in neuroscience and neuroleadership, Integral provides custom leadership development programs, executive coaching services and blended leadership and learning program. Our graphic facilitation of real-time events creates impactful collateral to spread leadership values across your organization. Additionally, we build communication strategies for your leadership programs that leave organizations with greater alignment and clarity of purpose. This creates more awake and resilient leaders.

Integral has been nominated for numerous global awards for our programs including the ICF Prism Award.

Leadership Tune-Up

Winner of several Brandon Hall Awards.

With a mindful leadership approach, the Leadership Tune-Up is a six-month learning journey created for mid to senior level leaders, specifically those that need to accomplish significant organizational goals and manage multiple teams and complexity. The process is highlighted by a five-day intensive learning event that produces significant breakthroughs and builds the characteristics of a resilient leader. Participants will experience a deeply personal transformation leaving them feeling more awake and producing better results.

Key Objectives:
– Develop Leadership Awareness
– Share Best Practices and Ideas
– Build and Strengthen Relationships
– Experience how to engage and motivate others through coaching

The Dojo

Winner of HR.com award for Best Leadership Program for First-Time Managers.

The Dojo, formerly The Wave, is an adapted version of our Leadership Tune-Up designed for a larger group of participants that include individual contributors and first line managers. This highly interactive format gives young leaders the skills needed to have more valuable conversations with peers and management across the organization. The workshop breaks down silos, increases creativity, and creates a “pattern language’ that can be used to influence organizational structures such as meetings and town halls.

Key Objectives:

– Cultivate conscious leadership
– Build stronger communication skills for conversations
– Grow new leaders and sharpen leadership skills
– Align individual goals with company-wide objectives

Custom Leadership Programs

A Leadership Coaching Experience Bespoke to You.

Every organization’s needs are unique. Integral will adapt your leadership program to align with your organization’s goals. We build customized programs that best fit with your organization’s needs and structure, size and span.  With the adapted leadership program, participants will develop skills that impact the organization’s innovation, collaboration, and creativity. Committed to customizing your perfect program, we will also partner with your current vendors to maximize your leadership budget.

Start your company’s journey toward mindful leadership. Contact us today to begin the conversation.