Relationship Precedes Results.

We develop clients’ ability to cultivate collaboration throughout organizations with better understanding of language, assumptions, and actions.

No “Death by Power Point” Events

Every organization wants collaboration, innovation, creativity, and digital disruption. Integral creates the environment for organizations to have better real-time conversations and execute on these objectives. Whether it’s a sales event or an important client meeting, Integral creates highly interactive and engaging events that allow organizations to immediately collaborate, not just talk about it, be creative, and foster a climate of innovation, iteration and insight. It’s your meeting – on steroids.

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Organizational Advisory 

All the leadership development in the world will not help if your organizational architecture, routines and culture are not supporting your new ways of working. Let us come in, ask the questions and take a systemic approach to unleashing growth. Through interviews and design thinking workshops, Integral will partner with you to unleash engagement and collaboration and better structures and processes. Integral will co-design and support a robust organizational transformation process using insights from our many client interventions and the latest insights from neuroscience. Let us show you how.

Graphic Facilitation

Graphic Facilitation (or scribing) visually documents concepts and highlights connections as well as patterns that emerge during a conversation. This occurs in real-time through the active listening of all participant contributions. Meaningful messages are translated into clear, immediate, memorable, and shareable representations. Learn more about Graphic Facilitation.

Communication Services 

Integral uses graphic design as a tool to better explain messages and concepts. Our design team creates products and solutions to communicate with efficiency and impact. The approach marries the beauty of the design with the coherence of the illustrations, infographics, logos, brand identities, icons and visualizations to support an organization’s communication campaigns. Learn more about Communication Services.

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