Executive Coaching

Lead, follow, or get out of the way.

Integral spent the last 14 years assessing, curating, and developing more than 150 transformational executive coaches around the globe. We provide coaches from corporate backgrounds with their own mindfulness practices that will ensure your leaders become more aware and resilient. We execute Global Executive Coaching programs for Fortune 1000 companies and can customize a program that fit any client’s needs.

Integral has over 200 International Coach Federation accredited coaches that are supervised by our master certified coaches. Every Global Executive Coaching program includes a meta-program process that allows us to offer data and insights to sponsor organizations without breaking confidentiality. Contact us for more details.

Work With Us Globally

Integral is a global provider of Executive Coaching Programs to large organizations that wish to keep a consistent methodology and exacting standards of coaching for their leaders. Our senior practitioners have been rigorously selected and tested over time, are supervised by a Master Certified Coach and participate in meta-coaching and a community of coaches. Learn how we can assess your global coaching program, improve methodology and tracking and provide proactive insights about your organization’s leadership needs.

Many of our coaches are bilingual and have held senior leadership roles in major organizations such as Biogen, Oracle, Cisco, Genpact, GE, Mars, HP and many others. Let us show you how our methodology provides direct business impact. 

Team Coaching

What makes a team a “high performance team”?  We say a team that is truly high-performance, is a team that has clear and articulated standards, is able to manage the energy and attention of individuals and the group, and can build and rebuild trust. This team is also able to accomplish real results in an agile, fun, and mindful way.


Our Team Coaching works with intact team to understand critical “distinctions” in how high performance (and high emotional intelligence) teams operate.  This is literally a type of “breakthrough” language that allows teams to get more done in less time, enjoy their time together and build the essential muscles of collaboration and innovation together for the sake of a common and important goal.

“On the Court” Coaching

Not every leader has time for one-on-one coaching. “On the Court” Coaching (also known as shadow coaching) allows the coach to sit in on leaders’ meetings and provide immediate feedback. This powerful form of leadership team development provides substantial leverage in the least amount of time. 

Global Coaching Programs

Let us help you design a powerful Global Coaching program that identifies uniform standards, quality coaching benchmarks, and competencies. If an organization is using coaches with a variety of methodologies and backgrounds, it will be a challenge for leaders to speak a similar coaching language. Integral curates a consistent coaching program for HR leaders, internal coaches, L&D leaders, and mentors across an organization.

Meta Coaching

“Meta” coaching is a way of extracting data and insight from a group of coaches working in the same organizational system. Using our coaches or the organization’s coaches, we facilitate conversations about the themes leaders are struggling with and build leadership learning interventions that address every issue.

Coach Supervision

How good are your coaches? How do you know? Let us supervise a group of your internal coaches or put them through our rigorous peer review process to ensure you have the best coaches possible. Our master certified coaches are the best in the industry and will improve the quality of coaching in an organization.

Internal Coaches

Do you have internal coaches? Ontological coaching is a transformational coaching methodology that helps coaches become more skillful in challenging leaders. In this course, coaches join the practice at Integral to deepen their skill and they will receive Continuing Coach Education (CCE) units.

The Integral Coaching Process


An Integral Project Manager interviews the client Executive to determine coachability, genuine interest in coaching, and best fit from our coaching staff.


The Executive is given two to three Coach CVs from which to select one. The Executive is encouraged to interview these coaches to find the best fit based on their desired goals.


Creation of “3-Way Coaching Contract” Sponsor, Executive, Coach. Covers confidentiality, boundaries to be respected, and responsibilities for successful coaching clarified.


The Coach interviews six individuals selected by the Executive from whom to receive feedback about their leadership via a structured, confidential, interview process. Feedback is compiled and presented to the Executive. Initial coaching objectives are created by the Executive with support from the coach after feedback is received.


The Executive is given an opportunity to announce or declare their coaching objectives to their direct boss or team. This is optional, but helps the Executive create a support structure aligned around the same goal for the Executives’ desired change.


The Executive reformulates coaching objectives if necessary, behavior change and KPI milestones are identified, and the coaching process intensifies.


The Executive and Coach review the progress thus far to determine what is working and why. A mid-point call with the executive, their boss, and/ or HR takes place reviewing measurements against KPIs. New behaviors emerge.


The coaching continues unless no progress is made or resistance to the process is shown. An electronic survey is sent to the original
six interviewees to measure progress with real examples.

How Good Are Your Coaches?

Become A Coach

Are you interested in becoming a coach? Our Advanced Coaching Practicum is an International Coach Federation accredited program. Learn from senior practitioners at the cutting edge of emotional, social, and political intelligences. 

Managers Coaching

Coaching has become an essential skill in management. Let us create an interactive and engaging event where your managers learn how to coach effortlessly. Integral’s in-person coaching event allows leaders and managers to practice in real-time and develop skills that produce lasting results.

Contact us today to learn how we can help your organization thrive.