Better Feedback

Better, faster, feedback.
Create a feedback culture within your organization. Backfeed + provides teams a space where everyone feels welcome to request and provide feedback that ultimately boosts performance and collaboration.


Teams who had managers who recieved strength feedback were 12.5% more productive according to Gallup


Two out of three employees would quit if they are underappreciated according to a study done by Office Team and published by Forbes


According to Gallup, organizations with low engagement scores saw 18% lower productivity, 16% lower profitability, 16% lower profitability, 37% lower job growth, and 65% lower share price over time

Turnover Rates

Employees who received strength feedback had 14.9% lower turnover rates than those who received no feedback according to Gallup

What is BackFeed+ ?

Feedback is an essential part of professional development and organizational growth. Knowing the power of feedback, Integral has created an app called Backfeed+. The community platform streamlines the evaluation process and offers teams a safe space to request and provide feedback. Backfeed+ enhances employee engagement through regular check-ins that will boost performance and create a culture of collaboration.

Admin Reports

With Backfeed+, you will be able to see the key data of all of your employees, without impinging on the confidentiality of the feedback. How many Backfeeds were given, received, number of active users, badges, top users and teams? What Backfeed+ categories were most requested? Were there flagged Backfeeds? What’s a person’s Backfeed+ Score, which measures how well they give feedback on 4 critical measures (accuracy, timeliness, usefulness, demonstrating care)? What’s the pattern and average frequency of Backfeed+ throughout your organization?

In the click of a button you will not only be able to monitor your growing culture of feedback, but you will be able to send encouragement and Backfeed+ of your own to your users to encourage the spread of great feedback.

And your employees will be able to select and upload their feedback received or sent to your Performance Management Tool* , making Performance Review time a breeze.

User Reports

On regular basis, review your stats!!! How many times did you request BackFeed? How many times did you send? What badges did you acquire? Who did you ask for the most Backfeed? Who have you forgotten? What’s your Backfeed+ Score and how can you get even better and providing even better Backfeed? Backfeed+ will help you give better, faster, feedback which helps improve performance, productivity and engagement!

Articles and Research

Why Turning Feedback Around Delivers Better Results

This article looks at the traditional organizational feedback processes and explains why a change is needed.

Does your organization have a Culture of Feedback? Get BackFeed+ now!