Advanced coaching practicum (ACP)


Led by MCC and PCC Coaches of Integral Leadership & Coaching


Community of Practice

Advanced Coaching Practicum (ACP) is a community of practice for coaches wanting to significantly advance their coaching skills and ability to create breakthroughs for their clients.

All ACP sessions are led by master coaches trained in Ontological and/or Integral coaching.

The program offers a rich virtual learning experience where coaches from around the world learn and practice together.


Who is ACP for?

Every coach’s journey is different. That’s why we have six different programs for you to find your “tribe.” But don’t worry! You can also mix and match from different Programs to create your own personalized learning journey, depending upon your experience and needs. Whether you are seeking your initial ICF certification or are going for MCC, there are classes for you. If you are new to ontological coaching or are an experienced practitioner, we can help you find what you are looking for. Click below to explore the right program for you.

Our Executive Coaches support individual transformation, positive disruption, and collaboration in corporations, non-profits, and governments worldwide.

How ACP Can Benefit You?

Customizable – You can enroll for all ACP sessions or as few as four sessions of your choice
Flexible – Start at any time throughout the year.
Credits – Earn two ICF CCEU hours for each session you attend (3 hours if you
are on the ACSTH accreditation path and complete the post-class work)
Mastery – In-depth exploration and practice of the ICF core competencies with
an ontological perspective facilitated by master coaches
Variety – There is a range of dynamic topics to appeal to all experience levels
of coaches
Camaraderie – Be part of a close-knit, global coaching community of
masterful coaches learning and practicing together
Small groups – Most classes are 8-15 people. So you are not lost listening
to some “Sage on the stage” – this is a place where you get to practice and immediately apply what you are learning!

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