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What makes Integral different is that we believe that our clients do not have problems to solve but have visions to build.

As our name implies we take a “whole systems” approach to coaching and leadership development.

Integral’s goal is consistent excellence in coaching, and to provide sustainable results for our clients, our coaches and our business. This is a calling, not only a business for us.

Integral has over 100 highly-experienced coaches, consultants and facilitators worldwide, supervised by Master Certified Coaches.

Libby Robinson

Libby Robinson

Director of EMEA Operations
Executive Coach and Facilitator

Libby Robinson has been a facilitator, change partner and executive coach for sixteen years and focuses on systemic issues and how linguistics, emotional factors and systems can influence commitment and culture in an organisation. Libby has held senior-level direct business positions in aerospace (Allied Signal - test systems) and investment banking (Drexel Burnham/ Merrill Lynch -securities analyst) before leaving to focus on organisational transformation in 1992. She has consulted to top executives on three continents and in a variety of sectors including telecommunications (France Telecom), biotechnology (Biogen), IT (Dell), pharmaceuticals (Aventis), manufacturing (3M, Saint Gobain), and semiconductors (EBV), as well as working with several different divisions of GE. She also offers a part of her time to non-governmental agencies such as the United Nations Environmental Programme. Libby is fluent in English and French.


Areas of Expertise

Executive Coaching
Libby has been coaching individuals and executives using a philosophy based on ‘Right Livelihood’, a method which facilitates individual and organisational value alignment. She also works to support high-performance cross-cultural virtual teams and has particular expertise in facilitation and ‘live action coaching’ to improve decision-making and implementation processes.

Large Group and Team Facilitation
Libby brings experience of facilitating large group meetings using tools such as Open Space and Future Search of 500+ to work with organisations regarding defining a vision and operationalising new strategy.

Organisational Transformation
Libby has a deep understanding of the human and systemic factors affecting change processes. She has worked with global teams moving from a regional to product-driven structure, supported key leaders in taking on the necessary self-development to thrive during change, and to model and communicate this to the larger organisation. She is currently assisting a global service division of GE through an important restructuring of their identity, their offer and their promise of value.

Education, Training & Professional Memberships
Libby holds a BSc in Computer Science from the Fairleigh Dickinson University, a Master’s in Organisational Development and Transformation from the California Institute of Integral Studies, and is a Certified Enneagram Professional.

Libby is a member of the International Coach Federation, National Organisational Development Network, and the Peacemaker Organisation.

Contact Libby: libby.robinson@integralcoaches.com

Nick Hicks

Nick Hicks

Pharma Practice Specialist – Executive Coach

Nick is passionate about the power of coaching to enhance individual awareness for corporate and personal return - his approach combines a blend of coaching techniques that support positive change amongst key individuals and groups.

Following his thesis in Alzheimer’s disease at the Institute of Psychiatry in London, Nick Hicks entered the pharmaceutical industry and has 20 years experience in sales, training and communications positions for global pharmaceutical companies and within international PR agencies. In his last senior role Nick was responsible for international communications in a global biotechnology company, a leader in multiple sclerosis research.

He received his coach certification with The Coaches Training Institute and his facilitation training from the Dept of Psychology at the University of Guildford in the UK. He is also an accredited facilitator in leading creativity processes and was personally certified by Dr Michael Kirton in the use of the Kirton Creative Style Inventory (KAI) and its applications. He has written multiple articles on coaching and has presented at international coaching conferences and Healthcare Meetings on corporate social opportunities for coaching including improving adherence to long-term therapies. He is the President of BioconneXion, the international, non-profit network for professionals in the life sciences, pharmaceutical, biomedical and biotechnology industries.

Though grateful for his scientific training and the discipline and structured approach it gave him, Nick realized moved into the commercial world. First selling pharmaceuticals to doctors before moving into sales training and then into healthcare public relations within the agency environment for nine years where he managed six figure accounts for many of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies. These positions gave him considerable experience of working with senior management and the challenging and sometimes unique situations that they encounter. His PR experience, a discipline historically hard to show conventional ROI, and where management of expectation is vital, has become invaluable to his understanding of measuring ROI for coaching.

Areas of Expertise

•Executive Coaching

•Creativity and Innovation

•Communications Strategies

Education, Training and Professional Memberships

•BSc Biochemistry – University of London

•MSc Neurochemistry – University of London

•CPCC (Coaches Training Institute)

•Member Chartered Institute Public Relations (MICPR)

•Systematic Inventive Thinking (SIT) – Trained Facilitator

•KAI Creativity Inventory– Registered Facilitator

Contact Nick: nick.hicks@integralcoaches.com

Curtis Watkins

Curtis Watkins

Director of North American Programs

Head Coach and Lead Assessor

Curtis is passionate about having people live the lives that they want to live. Having worked with hundreds of senior leaders within corporations and in the public sector he has seen first hand the deep desire for meaningful and purposeful work, and for a greater sense of fulfillment in life.
Examples of Curtis’ work include:

•Coached the CEO/President of a mid-sized private energy company through a difficult takeover process of more than three years to a very profitable outcome for all the stakeholders

•On-going coaching of the Chairman of a Multi-National law firm. Working on succession issues, delegation, personal presence, and communication skills, strategic planning

•Coached a director in a large biotechnology firm to the successful attainment of the first Woman Vice President in the company

•On-going coaching of the Vice President of Sales for a leasing corporation. Working on staff motivation, sales performance, communication skills, and strategic planning

•Co-Created and implemented a culture change initiative in the IT division at American Express with over 500 participants over 2 years

•Facilitated 5-day off-site leadership programs for middle management at Citibank for hundreds of participants after three years Curtis is known as someone who asks the hard questions in a way that has people hear and respond to them.

Areas of Expertise

•Executive Coaching

•Team Facilitation

Curtis uses a combination of Myers/Briggs, team coaching, Open Space Technology and experiential activities to maximize learning. I have found that by attending to the diverse ways in which people learn, groups/teams gain greater levels of understanding, trust and productivity in a much shorter period of time.

Coach Training

•New Ventures West

•The Newfield Network

•The Strozzi Institute Certifications

•Newfield Network: Ontological Coach

•The Strozzi Institute: Master Somatic Coach

•International Coach Federation: Master Certified Coach (MCC)

•Certified MBTI instructor

•International Coach Federation

Contact Curtis: curtis.watkins@integralcoaches.com