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Advisory Board

Integral prides itself in listening to some of the finest minds in leadership and coaching to hone its offerings and improve its skills.
Here are some of the people that work as Advisory Board members.

Roger Burton

Roger Burton

Roger Burton is a collaborative change agent and management consultant.
He is now collaborating clients with an emerging focus in the questions of change in the ‘east/west’ relationships between Chinese entities and transnational corporations. In particular Mr. Burton is currently exploring the questions of carbon footprints for major planetary supply chains (food, water, energy, waste) and the emerging business, economic, organizational and change models required to appropriately respond to the current condition of the planet today.

His practice includes not only the development of leadership to face the challenges of today’s world, but also the development of change agents and communities of practice.

Previously he was a partner with CSC/Index and prior to that had his own consultancy specializing in Sino-US trade and manufacturing. Mr. Burton has worked with a wide variety of businesses in about 40 countries to date.

He has worked with a diverse set of large multi-national clients since the mid-1990’s in a wide variety of business and functional settings including: work on site with the line and particular assets, systems (living systems) change with global business units, strategic and systems dialogue, transfer of competency in both line and functional settings, model design and capability building, innovation, coaching senior executives up to the CEO level and their teams, consultant and coach development, and conference design and implementation.

His clients include: BP, BMW, Cinergy, Astra-Zeneca, GSK, GE, Fletcher-Challenge, Mead, St-Gobain, Georgia-Pacific, and the US Internal Revenue Service to name a few.

Hide Enomoto

Hide Enomoto

Hide Enomoto is from Japan and has been a professional coach for more than 10 years and has been offering coaching and leadership trainings around the world. He is passionate about bringing empowerment to both individuals and communities so that they can take responsibility in creating the change they want to see in their world.

One of his current projects involve teaching coaching and leadership skills to community leaders in South East Asia who are working to empower the under-privileged people in that region. He is also a successful entrepreneur and an author, and has played a key role in introducing coaching to Japan.

Aleemna Wraye

Aleemna Wraye

Aleemna Wraye – Aleemna K Wraye is a senior consultant who has spent the last 25 years consulting managers, executives and entrepreneurs within the petrochemical and construction industries and in the fields of healthcare, city government and education.

Since 1985 Aleemna has been facilitating culture change within organizations through consultancy designed to increase team collaboration and individual performance.  As an executive coach she has extensive experience facilitating groups and individuals in uncovering profound commitments as a source of motivation and committed action.  Aleemna specializes in coaching teams in setting unreasonable goals and producing breakthrough results.
She has worked with organizations across the US, Europe, Africa,   Latin America and the Middle East including ExxonMobil, Qatar Petroleum, BP, the UK National Health Service, Shell, Chevron and ConocoPhillips on engagements as diverse as joint venture alignment, delivering breakthrough projects and organizational realignment.
Aleemna is currently acting as Development Manager for a global consultancy, responsible for all consultant and staff development, with a key focus on coaching.
Over the last three decades Aleemna has consistently invested in her own development and has earned professional certification in coaching, mediation, facilitation and leadership development.  Aleemna has an advanced coaching certificate (CPCC) from The Coaches Training Institute, the international leader in professional coaching instruction.