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Integral Leadership & Coaching awakens leaders to what is possible when they become clear, aware and integrate the many dimensions of themselves into their work.

Our Executive Coaching and Leadership Development programs help organisations create environments where people consistently challenge themselves to higher levels of personal excellence and learning. And our real-time team facilitation helps leaders learn "in the moment" - while the work is happening, without down-time which shows immediate return on investment.

Integral is a global provider of coaching and leadership solutions for international companies and organisations requiring flexible, innovative and productive leaders.

Integral helps organisations to attract, develop and retain key leaders by providing challenging learning & development opportunities through coaching and facilitation that deliver on-going, measurable results.

Integral offers a global service via a network of certified and highly experienced coaches and facilitators. Integral supplies the perfect mix of language, culture and industry knowledge to provide significant added value to your leadership programme or coaching initiative.

The business world is abuzz about the results that coaching can achieve. This approach to leadership development is helping businesses hone the competitive edge needed to survive and flourish in a complex and ever-changing environment.

Research is mounting that shows clear evidence of highly positive returns on the investment of executive coaching an organisation’s leaders, as well as the benefits of leadership development.

According to Peter Senge, Director of MIT’s highly acclaimed Organizational Learning Center: "The sole competitive advantage for companies in the 21st century will be their ability to adapt and learn.”

Some of the many benefits of coaching:

• Aligns individual goals and organisational objectives

• Retains and develops leaders and key talent

• Drives potential and personal responsibility

• Improves communication and relationship skills

• Increases organisational learning and individual performance.

People see more, they hear more, they know more. They also expect more – now more than ever before they want to have work connected to a deeper meaning and purpose. They want to make a difference.

Let them. Include them. Retain them. Listen to them.

Encourage them through Leadership Development and Executive Coaching.

They are the future of your organization.