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Integral Approach

What is Integral?

The dictionary definition is: Essential or necessary for completeness; Possessing everything essential; entire.

Very often what blocks a client from succeeding is a particular belief about the world that he/she takes as fact or unchangeable. Integral’s approach to Executive Coaching and Leadership Development allows us to create understanding and distinctions with the client; it allows the client to clearly look at their perceptions of the world as separate from observable facts. It also allows us to clearly define where the coach and the coaches have power to create change or opportunity.

Integral coaches use a variety of coaching models. We believe coaching that adds real value focuses on supporting and developing clients at multiple levels. Every coaching relationship is unique but there is a common underlying theme of personal awareness and development which forms the structure for lasting change. Integral coaching models recognise this and encourage our clients to continuously deepen their insights and translate them into action.

The emphasis is on non-directive coaching which helps a person learn from and solve their own issues, rather than doing it for them. This results in transformational rather that transactional change.

The Integral coaching approach is recognised as one of the latest and most effective frameworks for coaching for organisational results. NASA, Intel, Procter & Gamble and many other leading organisations are orienting their leadership and coaching initiatives around the Integral approach.


The Integral model was developed by one of the leading edge thinkers of this era, Ken Wilber

While surprisingly simple, the model gives a framework that allows one to understand the whole system, while acknowledging which area or quadrant we may be viewing the system from. 

The basic premise of the model is that what happens in one quadrant is reflected in all. Thus we provide platforms for Executive Coaching and Leadership Development which link the inner values, intentions and perception of an individual with their outer behaviours.

The model enables the analysis of such behaviours against the organisational structure, strategies and goals (visible) and values and culture (invisible) on both an individual and group level.

Integral Brochure
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