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Integral Leadership & Coaching provides coaching and leadership development, one-to-one programmes and other services that are individually tailored per client requirements to work in tandem with existing in-house activities, or as stand alone initiatives.

Integral can provide you with coaching and leadership services throughout Europe, the Americas, the Australasian region and the emerging markets.

Integral provides:

  • Leadership Services:
    • Executive team development
    • Meeting/conference design and facilitation
    • Leadership expeditions and retreats
  • Coaching Services:
    • Provision of highly trained coaches and facilitators
    • On-going coach development and support
    • 1-1 coaching (leaders, managers and high potentials)
    • Team coaching and facilitation (performance, project, board)
    • Outsourcing/management of coaching programme
  • Assessment and Measurement Services:
    • Evaluation/Supervision of your Internal Coaches
    • ROI Evalutions of Coaching Intiatives
    • Communications Strategies for Effective Deployment

Alternative Outplacement Services

Unprecedented times call for new thinking in the way we treat and offer support to those leaving companies. We have developed a coaching process based on the principles of "Right Livelihood", which help people uncover their true calling and what service they offer to the world, as opposed to just what is their next "job".

This process along with helping people uncover their hidden social networks offers a powerful and transformative process. Provide us with any classic "outplacement" offer and we will match or beat it. 

For more information, e-mail us at: rightlivelhood@integralcoaches.com