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Developing Leaders

Fundamentally we believe that most classroom training for leaders doesn't work. We create leadership "events" that allow your teams to talk about the real operational and strategic issues, develop deep trust in each other and oh yes, have a bit of fun too.


This five-day intensive event was recently nominated for the International Coach Federation prestigious Prism award.  

Contact us for more details on how to customize this event for your company.



Welcome to Integral's Advanced Coaching Practicum Hub.

Integral's Advanced Coaching Practicum (ACP) is a series of teleclasses that can provide you with up to 130 ICF Approved Coach Specific Training Hours (ACSTH) Coach Continuing Education Credits (CCEU).

About ACP

Whether you are preparing to take your ACC, PCC or MCC exams or if you are looking to become more masterful in your coaching practice, this study group is designed to "up your game" as a coach, give you specific, usable feedback and have a supportive group of professionals with whom to hone your craft. While my background is in ontological coaching, this community of practice is open to any practicing coach from any coaching lineage. You'll find that you will get to results faster with your clients, with more ease and more fun than ever before. 


Approved Coaching Specific Training Hours (ACSTH) program approval is intended for third party training providers who are interested in having their training program approved by the International Coach Federation (ICF). ACSTH approved programs are considered “al la carte” training programs, which may or may not offer start to finish coach training programs. A minimum of 30 student contact hours are required for ACSTH program approval. Graduates from an ACSTH program may apply for the Associate Certified Coach (ACC) Credential or the Professional Certified Coach (PCC) Credential using the ACSTH application path if they meet the credentialing application requirements.

How It works

In order to work with a "core group" of students, We are requiring that you must attend at least (but any) 4 of the 15 sessions and pay for these 4 sessions upfront to be part of the core group. After that, you can "drop in" to any of the other sessions that interest you by purchasing an individual ticket here. 

Please purchase your 4-session ticket here or contact us at for other payment methods or installment plans. We also have three work-study scholarships available. 

Additional sessions beyond the intial four that you choose can be paid via credit card here on an individual class basis. There is a significant discount for attending the entire series. Please see pricing information.


  • Session # 1 - Successful Contracting and Opening with Clients
  • Session # 2 - Coach Self-Awareness and Centering
  • Session # 3 - Coaching Practicum and Supervision/Intervision
  • Session # 4 - Going Beyond the Story Using Linguistics
  • Session # 5 - Powerful and Generative Questioning
  • Session # 6 - Working with the Body (Yours and Theirs)
  • Session # 7 - Creating Larger(and Better!) Breakdown for the Client
  • Session # 8 - Exploring Moods and Emotions
  • Session # 9 - Coaching Practicum and Supervision/Intervision
  • Session #10 - Direct Communication-Effectively Challenge Your Client
  • Session #11 - Lightness and Gentle Irreverence
  • Session #12 - Deepening Questioning
  • Session #13 - Coaching Practicum and Supervision/Intervision
  • Session #14 - Declarations & Congruency-Creating Commitment
  • Session #15 - Managing Progress and Accountability

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